Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hey everyone! Welcome to my new blog!!...

I decided to start this blog to talk about whatever is on my mind from mommyhood, married life, fashion, cooking, and who else knows what!
I have a feeling this blog may become more of a free therapy session for me- and Lord knows I could use a little therapy! LOL :) or a place for me to throw my thoughts out into space and do a little venting too...

I'll still keep my "This is what's happening" blog to post latest pictures of the family & keep everyone updated on Anniston's development... But I'll use this blog as my outlet to chat about what I'm really thinking through this whole crazy process... the things I would probably only talk about with my closest girlfriends :)

"Purses, Poo and Playdates" will be my very own little blog-diary about the life-changing experiences I'm going through being a new mommy, while still trying to hold on to my "pre-mommy" identity {if I even really knew myself before then!?}

So I hope you all enjoy this journey with me- where ever the road may lead. It is my hope through my writings that I'll learn a little more about myself, as well as allowing more people to learn about me through the random thoughts that go on in my head at times.

Hope you enjoy! ;)

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  1. This new blog is so much fun! Have a blast shopping Friday, I cant wait!