Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Golden Globes...

I LOVE fashion- especially award show fashion! One of my dream jobs is to be a celebrity stylist!... So in honor of the Golden Globes that was on last night, here's my two-cents on what people were wearing or should not have been wearing... :)

Sandra Bullock... I thought this wasn't too bad. Sandra has a tendency to make some bad red carpet fashion decisions, so I thought she looked great compared to her track record :) The purple color looks beautiful on her & I love her earrings & make-up... I don't, however, like that scraggly long piece of hair falling on the side...

Kate Hudson... I am not a fan of this at all! I get that architeural shapes are in right now, but I don't think Kate pulled this look off very well... to me, this dress is better suited for a tall, model type (like Heidi Klum or maybe Nicole Kidman)... and the sky-high platform pumps were just too over-the-top for this already "too-much" dress... The hair & tassel earrings were a little too old lady-ish also!

Cameron Diaz... I love Cameron Diaz! To me, she can do no wrong! She takes fashion risks & pulls them off very well I think... Even though this red dress is on the safe side, I think she looks stunning as usual! Her simple swept back hair, red lips, & black pumps are so classic!... I love it! :)

Christina Hendrick... Oh dear!... I LOVE Christian Siriano (the designer from Project Runway who designed this dress) but this is NOT his best work! I'm not loving the flat panel skirt under the ruffles (or this color on her for that matter)... I think if the bodice was fitted more like a mermaid shape & then a lot of ruffles at the bottom might have been more flattering... I think her hair & make-up looks great though! I love seeing red-heads with red lips!

Fergie... Ok, so I know a lot of people might like this look on Fergie, but this looks a little "cheap prom dress from Sears" to me! You can't see it in this picture very well, but the ruched chiffon material & the spaghetti straps under her hair looks a little bridesmaid too... all she needs is an ugly rose wrist-corsage or a wedding bouquet & her look would be complete! :(

Drew Barrymore... I think she looks great! Drew took a fashion risk & pulled it off! She has a quirky personality that can wear this dress well... I appreciate the artistic accents on the shoulder & side... the biggest thing that makes this work so well for her is her hair, make-up, & accessories are understated enough to make this bold statement dress look so classy! This color looks great on her too!

Christina Aguilera... This wasn't that fantastic but I just had to include this one cause its a refreshing change for Christina! I think she looks great! :)

Tina Fey... Oh Tina!... She gets a B+ for her effort but not digging this! Plus the peach satin bow shoes are totally off base?!
Diane Kruger... This is horrible! The color on this looks like part of it has been washed away in the rain... BLAH, BLAH, BLAH... :(
Mariah Carey... NO MA'AM!!!! THIS IS NOT OKAY!! I'm sorry but there are certain things big-boobied ladies should not wear and this is one of them (unless you're a porn star!) Now, I can appreciate a nice rack with the best of them, but there are better ways to showcase the "girls" and not look like an over-priced call girl!


Anna Paquin... I love this gold dress on her! Sequins & metallics are so IN right now!... Take note Mariah- this is how you do a deep-v neckline without looking like a total ho-bag!! ;)

Courtney Cox... She looked stunning!! These earrings MADE this dress & I hate that you can't see their true beauty in this picture because they are fantastic! They are a smokey-brown color that surprisingly worked well with her simple black dress... LOVES IT!!

Emily Blunt... She was my favorite! I LOVE this!! The color, her hair, her make-up, accessories- everything was spot on! I just wish I found a picture of the back of this dress cause its gorgeous! BRAVO! ;)

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