Sunday, January 24, 2010

Perfect Love...

This morning at church, the Pastor's message was one that I have been thinking about all day... Don't worry, I'm not going to preach to you guys tonight, but I do want to share a quote he talked about today that really stuck with me & has had me thinking all day about how I "love"...

When you read this below, please read each line slowly so you can really take it in & question how YOU "love"...

Perfect love is...

Slow to suspect- quick to trust

Slow to condemn- quick to justify

Slow to offend- quick to defend

Slow to expose- quick to shield

Slow to reprimand- quick to forbear

Slow to demand- quick to give

Slow to provoke- quick to conciliate

Slow to hinder- quick to help

Slow to resent- quick to forgive

-John Haggai

After I read over this a few times, I started thinking about my "love life"... mainly with my husband, but also with my friends and family.

I'm no theologist, but I've been going to church long enough to know that the only "perfect love" is the love that God has for you! But as we live our life on earth, we should all try to imitate that love as best we can to the people around us!...

I know my faults (most of them anyway)... and I can certainly admit that in my marriage I am guilty of not showing my husband the kind of love this quote describes! It has been more of my nature to jump to conclusions and suspect, resent or condemn instead of trust & forgive... I'm guilty of doing that in some of my friendships too!

I can probably go on and on talking about the ways the "love" I share with people around me is more imperfect than anything else... but after today, it is my hope that the re-reading of this quote from time to time will remind me of how truly loving someone means to trust them before anything else... to be less demanding of love & attention and to give more of it away... and to be more forgiving instead of resentful for the things I might be lacking...

So folks, if anything, I hope this will get you guys thinking about the "loves" in your life... whether it's a "love" that needs improvement or a "love" you are lucky enough to be receiving from someone!... I know after examining my "love life" I am even more thankful of the "perfect love" my husband has for me even when I haven't been so perfect back... ;)

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