Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammy Awards: Fashion Recap...

So the Grammy Awards were on last night... I LOVE the Grammy's! I just love the musical performances & how they pair artists together from different genres! But most of all I love to see what people are wearing- of course!... Here's my take on the good, the bad, & the "Gaga"... ;)

Pink- I think this is as glammed-up as I've ever seen Pink?! I think she looks very pretty! I love the shape & top part of this dress... I would, however; have lived to see more of an ombre color fade at the bottom instead of such noticeable lines... but those that saw her performance last night- she stole the show! That was unbelievable!!

Fergie- I think she looked stunning!... and her body is ridiculous in this dress!! I love this color on her too, especially with her darker hair color! One of my favorites of the night!!

Lady Gaga- You gotta give Gaga this, she keeps us on our toes!! This red carpet look I actually like for her!! I get that this is her version of a fairy princess, ball gown... This is probably one of the "prettiest" she's looked because let's face it, most of her award show & performance outfits just leave me with nightmares!...

Then she changed into this creation... reminds me of a cracked-out icicle, but the antique teacup & saucer do add a touch of class! LOL ;)

Taylor Swift- Oh sweet little Taylor... so she does look beautiful, but this dress is more Oscar night than Grammy night to me! The Grammy's are more fun, edgy, & fresh and this dress makes her look too old! Since she loves glitz & sparkles so much, I would have loved to see her in a long-sleeve, mini dress covered in gold & silver sparkles!... Congrats on Album of the Year tho!

Carrie Underwood- I really like this look on Carrie! She looks stunning in white and even though she's wearing a long gown the abstract, asymmetrical neckline gives this dress more of a youthful edge.

?? So I don't know who this is but she looks fabulous! I love this dress! LOL :)

Miley Cyrus- I love this!... I think she looks totally age-appropriate & I love her hair & make-up!


Britney Spears- Oh Britney!!!... Girl what's wrong with you! I know you rarely make the right fashion decisions lately, but showing up in a 1940's swimsuit with an ugly sheer piece of fabric over top was not the right choice!! My friend, Stephanie, was right though in saying "at least her hair looked decent for once!"...

This black disaster dress makes me wish for the matching denim get-ups from yester-year!... LOL ;)

BEST DRESSED... {drum roll please}

Rihanna!! - So let me tell you why she's my pick for best dressed... First of all she looks stunning! I love a girl in a white dress and her make-up is beautiful! Second, no one else can pull this dress off as well as she did! Rihanna has her own distinct sense of style and this dress suits her personality very well! And lastly, with everything that happened to her last year the night before the Grammy's, she's proven to be a strong, independent woman! She went through so much over the past year and has come out on top!... Plus, there's no sweeter revenge that looking good! {eat your heart out Chris Brown!}...

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