Monday, March 22, 2010

Married Mondays: The first toot!...

My dear friend, Stephanie, over at Marriage Tales ( hosts Married Mondays every week and this week's topic is "Who tooted first"... Well for all my blog readers, I've already shared that embarrassing "first toot" story here ( )... but for the sake of sharing another funny married toilet-story, here it goes... :) {I'm going to try not to be too graphic!}

Hubs and I had JUST started dating...Our relationship was so NEW- like probably not even 2 months brand new!! He had came over my apartment because we were going somewhere {I really don't remember those details...} but what I do remember is he came in my bedroom and we were talking for a minute. I lived in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment with another girl at the time. I had the master bedroom with the bathroom attached to the room...

Anyhoo, hubs had asked to use the bathroom before we left... so not thinking anything of it, he went in and shut the door and I went about my business right outside the door in my room... Well literally a minute later, he came out with his head hanging down looking somewhat puzzled... Naturally, I asked him what was the matter. I think he didn't even look me in the eyes... he just kept his head down and with a small grin on his face said, "I think you left something in there!"...

Of course, I run in the bathroom because I am completely baffled at what I possibly could have "left in there" to make him so embarrassed?!?!

I went in and there was nothing on the bathroom counter but my flat iron... nothing on the bathroom floor... nothing in the shower that could be a problem... then out of the corner of my eye, I just happened to see "THE CULPRIT!!!"

Right before he came over, I had gone #2 and when I flushed the toilet "IT" didn't go down all the way!!!!!!! I HAD A HUGE "TURTLE-HEAD POKING OUT" {as Austin Powers would put it}... I WAS MORTIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What blows my mind is I usually ALWAYS double check after a #2 flush to make sure everything went down ok... Well, God had one heck of a sense of humor that day because there wasn't even any toilet paper covering the view of my "artwork"... SERIOUSLY!!! He hadn't even seen me naked yet & he was already getting to see my turd! No words could possibly describe how mortified I was!!!!

So after I got myself somewhat composed, I flushed the toilet & went back to face the humiliation!... I think we just giggled & I apologized & covered my face with my hands... I told hubs he could use my roommate's bathroom since she wasn't home... Again, he wasn't gone but for a second and he came running back to my room and just jumped in my bed & got in the fetal position and buried his head in the pillows!... He didn't even have to say anything because his actions said it all!!!... I ran to her bathroom & in the toilet was a used tampon that hadn't gone down either!!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!?!?!? We MUST have had some kind of plumbing problems because this was unreal!!!

At that point, I just laid down in the bed with him and we laughed til we cried! I mean what else could we do?!... I am just astonished he continued to come back & still wanted to date me after that bathroom fiasco!!! Needless to say, I ALWAYS DOUBLE & TRIPLE check after each #2 flush from there on out!!!!

*Sorry if I totally grossed anyone out! But my blog is called Purses, Poo, & Playdates!... What did you think I was going to write about... ;)


  1. haha awww that is funny!! and no worries, to make you feel better, it has happened to me too! turns out my toilet broke and i didnt even know it. and my guy is still around too :)

  2. That happens at our house all the time! We call them "leftovers"...I know, ewwww!!! ha!

  3. I just laughed so hard I have tears! That is sooo funny! I betcha you were mortified but then the whole friends commode fiasco makes it sooo funny to that I bet ya'll were just laughing right out loud!

    I just heart your blog your such a doll

    Summer :0)

  4. Just found your blog - I love it! This story was so hilarious. At least you guys got over all of the bodily functions early, haha. Your daughter is adorable.

  5. I just found your blog over at Kelsey's Wishful Wed. I LOVE this story! haha too funny!

  6. Hahahaha! You had me at the turtle But your right what are the odds?

  7. Oh, I am hurting I am laughing so hard.