Thursday, March 18, 2010

My trip to the dentist...

I went to the dentist this afternoon... I AM TERRIFIED OF GOING TO THE DENTIST!... I've always been this way, as long as I can remember... Probably because I'm prone to getting cavities. Usually every year, I have at least one...

Well I hadn't been to the dentist in almost 4 YEARS!!! {I'm a little embarrassed by that!} After I got married and got on my husband's insurance, my dentist I had been seeing didn't accept our new insurance and I just never made it a point in finding a new one... BLAH, BLAH, BLAH...

I knew I was WAAAYYYY over due for a check-up & a major tartar scraping! So I asked around to all my friends trying to find recommendations and finally settled on Dr. Gunnels, who was recommended by my dental hygienist friend, Sarah and who also goes to church with my brother & sister-in-law... (My friend Sarah is a hygienist at a different office close by but I just couldn't bring myself to let her scrape my tartar!... I'm a little weird because I go about picking my dentist kinda like choosing a gynecologist. I say to myself, "Would I be comfortable showing that doctor & his nurse my va-jay-jay?"... And usually if it's a friend or someone I know, the answer is usually NO!... My husband kept trying to get me to see his friend he went to college with & played soccer with that just opened a dental practice in our neighborhood, but I shared with him my "vagina analogy" and he understood my uncomfort with that & finally left me alone about it! I just see it as they are both very sacred bonds that leave you feeling very exposed and sometimes a little violated!... I'm very picky about who I open wide for! {LOL ;) Pun intended!}... So that's how I went about my search and landed with Dr. Gunnels...

Well I'm happy to report, I couldn't have been more pleased with my decision! In my research, I saw a couple pictures of his office online, but was really impressed when I got there! The receptionist was delightful & had a soothing waterfall thing behind her desk. Then while I was sitting in their very nicely-decorated waiting room, I look over and they had a HUGE coffee bar/station with my favorite coffee machine & k-cups!...

And they also had aromatherapy-scented blankets & warm neck wraps!! {FANCY} I didn't partake in either because I couldn't even finish filling out my paperwork because they already called me back! {I LOVE a dr's office with no long waits!}

And when I got back to the room, the patient chairs had their own personal flat screen TVs to watch while getting your teeth cleaned and mine was already set on the Real Housewives of NY marathon- one of my FAVORITE SHOWS!! When I saw that, I knew it was a match made in heaven! ;) ... Plus, my hygenist had pretty pink & purple scrapping tools!!! It was an unexpected touch that surprisingly made me feel a little more at ease!

I did however find out I HAVE 6 CAVITIES!!!!!! So it wasn't all peaches & roses at the dentist office sent from above! :( I go back next week to have half of them filled, then go back again another visit to get the rest done! {Sheesh!}... Then once I get my cavities taken care of, I'm sure they'll be ready to talk to me about getting my wisdom teeth out! AND THAT I AM DREADING!!!!!! <=(


  1. Honey I feel ya on the cavity thing! I go every six months and each time I keep my fingers crossed that I don't have any cavities. Drew on the other hand has had one in his entire life and it wasn't until last year!!!!!!! I'm liking the way your dentist office sounds! Where is his office? When it comes time for your wisdom teeth the guy that did mine was absolutely amazing! I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved him and his staff and his office. I kinda wish he was a regular dentist because I would want to go to him.

  2. Luke hadn't been in 6 years.....he gets 5 filled tomorrow, and 6 filled next month! You're not the only one!!!

  3. P.S luke has to get his wisdom teeth cut out too! AND he hasn't called about them yet...

  4. That sounds like a fancy office! Where is it? I might to check it out! If you get your wisdom teeth out can I come over and be the offical baby holder???

  5. How are your wisdom teeth now? It seems you found a good spot to get your dental work done, in any case, and that can count a lot. You get some sort of peace of mind, so you don’t get too bothered by the needles and the drills. That’s actually the way to get through the procedures: if you can focus on being calm, you can weather any dental storm, be it for cavities or aching wisdom teeth.

  6. Four years without a dental check-up? That’s a long time dear. The longest that I didn’t consult with the dentist was just a year and a half, and I had two cavities during that time. Hmm..I just hope that you already have healthy teeth now and the cavities are already gone. By the way, don’t be afraid of the dentist since they won’t eat you alive. :)

    + Aura Minaya +

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