Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wishful Wednesday: Handbags...

So I just couldn't resist joining in on the fun today over at The Seattle Smith's blog ( She hosts a weekly topic called "Wishful Wednesday" and today's wish is:

'I wish' ... I could afford this _______ handbag without putting a dent in my pocketbook!

Now how could I resist right!? This is right up my ally!! :) ... The only problem is settling on just ONE expensive handbag!! So I'm gonna share my top 2... cause let's face it, if I'm wiping my bottom with $100 bills, I'm going all out!!...

1. The Hermes Birkin 35cm in Camel Crocodile ($65,000)-

{"Oh my Holy Handbag Heaven, Batman!!"}... Yes, that's right!... SIXTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR A HANDBAG!!... INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!... Birkins usually start around $5,000 and can go up as high as $100,000 depending on the material!! Plus there is at least a 2 year waiting list!

So what do you get for 65G's aside from a BEAUTIFUL handbag??? It comes with a special little pillow for your bag to sleep on made of one of a kind Hermes tissue paper (there's actually Hermes tissue paper craftsman that spend their entire lives folding tissue paper for Hermes bags!) & the bag comes with its own passport!- Seriously! LOL :)

I will probably never even get to be in the presence of this bag, much less own one... but a girl can dream right!?...

2. The Chanel Classic X-large Flap bag in black lambskin ($1,795)-

To me, this handbag is purse royalty! There is NOTHING more iconic or more ladylike than a black Chanel quilted handbag with chain straps- NOTHING!! It is the MOST CLASSIC purse someone will ever own!... So much so, that not a whole lot has changed since Coco Chanel started making them herself in 1955! This is the kind of bag that you hand down to your daughter & granddaughter... And hopefully one day I'll do just that!! ;)


  1. I don't know if Kelsey has a prize for the most expensive wishful thinking, but I think you would win!

  2. OMG girly only 65,000 huh LOL....that is insane and it comes with it's own pillow and passport! Wow while you are dreaming about this super fab bag dream one up for me sweet bloggy buddy LOL....It is pretty fab if I may say so myself....

    Have a great day
    Summer ;0)

  3. HELLLLOOOOO My sweet friend! I need that Chanel bag! If Jeremy picks you up one see if he can grab me one too, I will pay him back! I LOVE it! You know my love for purses so you know I am loving this weeks Wish! LOVE YOUR PICKS!

  4. I picked the Birkin too! I adore it!

  5. What dreamy purses! Both are utterly classic and amazing! I would love to own either, or even a really nice nice knockoff! Cheers!

  6. Talk about throwing around some money!!! That would hurt to pay for -- hah!

  7. Jayne-wow it is amazing how much these lovely bags all cost and yet us women just swoon over them. Great choices though. I am now following you blog!