Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What I'm Obsessed with (Wednesday)...

Hi my bloggy friends!

So I've decided to start a weekly post topic called "What I'm Obsessed with Wednesday"... Each week (hopefully) I will share with you a few of my favorite things! Things that I cannot stop thinking about, want, or love... Feel free to join in on the fun & share some of the things you are currently obsessed with at the moment. It can be fashion, news, food, new products, new discoveries- you name it! Anything that's been on your brain, I wanna hear about it!... So I can start obsessing about it too! ;-)

So here are my latest obsessions...

1. Tory Burch Tallis Satchel : $495

*sigh* ... I LOVE this bag! Recently I've been obsessing over all things Tory Burch. I adore her!... Yesterday I was at Target and saw a girl with this bag & I may or may not have followed her! ;-) I caught up with her in the baby aisle, which just so happened to be where I was headed anyway, so I "technically" didn't stalk the poor girl, but we ended up talking for awhile about her BEAUTIFUL bag. She told me her sweet husband bought it for her 30th Bday (hint hint sweet husband of MINE! :) ...

Before her & I parted ways, the thought crossed my mind to ask her if she would be my friend, but I didn't want to scare her more than I probably already did! LOL :-)

There's also this beautiful one I wouldn't turn away either!...

Tory Burch Amanda Hobo- $465

I just really want a bag I can wear on my shoulder, that also has a long strap I can use as a crossbody too...

And then there's these beautiful "Cinderella" shoes... Ahh...

2. Electric blue suede BCBG Ebonee pumps- $110

I call them my "Cinderella" shoes because of this...

I LOVE that quote... (It needs to hang in my dear friend Stephanie's closet who has a Louboutin shoe collection that would make any fashionista cry tears of happiness!) LOL

So you may be saying to yourself "Seriously Jayne! Blue suede shoes?! Who are you, Elvis?!"...

Well my bloggy friends, don't write them off just yet! I predict you will be seeing them everywhere come fall!... Think of them as a neutral! I firmly believe what you think goes with nothing, actually goes with everything! Think about it... You would be surprised all the things you could wear this bold-hued shoe with!

As for me, I envision them on my toesies for my 30th Bday bash, with a fabulous new black cocktail dress & some sort of sparkling headpiece... I would also totally rock these beautiful foot protectors with skinny jeans & a black cashmere sweater... or black ankle pants & a white button up! The possibles are endless! :-)

You know, as I think about it... I've always had a thing for blue shoes!... Here I am on my wedding day with my "something blue"... fancy blue footwear! :-)... I guess I do tend to channel Elvis, every now and then!

Then there's this new release from my love, Michael Kors...

3. The Double-wrap Leather watch $225-

Those that know me, know I obsess about a good watch anyway, so this latest installment to the Michael Kors watch collection may be no surprise! I was actually searching high & low for a double-wrap watch about 3 years ago, with no luck. Then last week, my friend Stephanie & I went to the grand opening party for the new Michael Kors store in Nashville & I spotted this beauty in the case. (Yes angels started singing & a bright light was shining down on it from above... That's how magical the moment was for me!...)

It would have been coming home with me that night, if only I didn't promise my dear husband I wouldn't buy anything at the event... oh yeah, and if I had $250 to blow on a watch too! ;-)

Anyhoo, speaking of wrist jewelry... Here's my next obsession...

4. Stella & Dot Renegade Bracelet $59-

I hosted a Stella & Dot party a few weeks ago & this was one of the jems I got for free! I totally would not have even given this bracelet a second glance because it's not usually my style, but I was just having fun trying everything on & I surprisingly fell in love with it & HAD to have it!

Here I am modeling it with my big, gold Michael Kors watch & my other Stella & Dot hostess freebie, the Prosper Bracelet... :)

And last but not least on my 1st installment of "What I'm obsessed with Wednesday...

5. Pinterest (free & absolutely addictive)-

I have my dear friend Beth to thank for this new addiction of mine... If you've never heard of it, its kinda like a virtual pinboard. It lets you organize and share all those beautiful pictures, projects, etc. you find on the web. You can browse pinboards created by other people to discover new things & find inspiration to decorate your home, find a craft project, etc... I have to say it has slightly taken over my life! If you don't have an account, message me & I'll send you an invite so you can start pinning! :-)

Well... that's all for now folks! I hope you somewhat enjoyed learning about my latest obsessions. Please feel free to leave a comment or post on your blogs what are some of the things you are currently obsessed with & leave your blog address in my comments section!

Happy Wednesday! :)

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  1. Cute Blog! Loved the post, I love watches and those are precious!

    Tammy F
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