Thursday, August 11, 2011

What I'm Obsessed with (Wednesday)...

Yes, I realize it's Thursday... but better late than never right?! :)

So here's what I'm obsessed with this week...

1. Gender Reveal Parties-

I organized this small "Gender Reveal Party" for my best friend, Jana, and her husband Josh who are having their first baby. The party was last night (part of the reason why I didn't have my post ready yesterday).

It was awesome! I wish my hubby & I would have had one when I was pregnant! It was a WONDERFUL way to include the whole family & all our friends in this huge surprise gift from God! It made me realize even more how special a new little baby is for EVERYONE involved, not just the parents, because this new little person is a BIG part of all our lives and it was a wonderful way to celebrate the newest little member to our "extended" family!... (P.S. Its a boy! Go Team Blue!).

We did a "Varsity Theme" and everyone dressed up in their "team" colors... To reveal the sex, I didn't want to do the normal (colored cake filling reveal). So we had their dr make a CD of the ultra sound and played it for everyone to watch. (Kinda like a football game, everyone was standing up surrounding the TV like it was 4th & 10 and your team was 1 point away from winning the game... The energy was electric!)

At the end of the CD, the words "BOY" were spelled out on the screen and the entire room burst in cheers/hugs/high fives/ laughter/crying... it was SUCH a special moment! I was so happy to be a part of it!

I hope to post more pics of the party when I get them back from everyone, so stay tuned! :)

2. My friends-

So last night at the party my amazing girlfriends gave me an early Birthday gift... Do you remember this "What I'm Obsessed With" post a few weeks back were I wrote about these beauties...

Well my thoughtful girlfriends got them for me to wear for my Birthday dinner (which to my surprise they are organizing with my equally wonderful husband).

They went ahead and gave them to me so I can start planning my outfit for the night! (they know how obsessive I am about needing THE PERFECT outfit for all special occasions! LOL) ... How freakin' awesome is that!? I can never say enough how blessed I am to have these women in my live & how wonderful each of their friendships are!

*Thank you my loverlies! I love you more than I can ever express! :)

On a not so snappy note, my next obsession...

3. Loreal Elnett Hairspray- $15

So I'm the kinda girl who if she has a bad hair day, it can ruin my whole mood... (I'm a Leo, what can I say?!)... but I'm also the kinda girl who doesn't like to spend a ton of money on hair products... go figure... so when I bought this $15 bottle of hairspray, it was a bit of a stretch for me.

*Hubs-don't completely freak out about the $15 hairspray! It was on sale & I had 2 coupons so technically I really only spent about $9... I know you're still a little freaked I spent $9 on hairspray, but I LOVE it so GET OVER IT!)...

*Ok, now that I got that little one way argument with my husband out of the way...

This stuff is WONDERFUL!! It has slightly changed my "hair" life! I had always heard about it & seen it on TV and now I know why! I am a devoted Elnett user & I will forever buy it whether I have a coupon or not! (and my sweet husband can just get over it! ;-)

Well that's all I have for this week's obsessions!... I'll try to be on time next week!... I know y'all are just on the edge of your seats! ha ;-)

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  1. You use two coupons on that hairspray?!? Yay! Where can I find the coupons? And where did you buy it?